10 Tips How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Cat


10 Tips how to choose the right toy for your cat

In order to engage your cat and to develop its physical and mental abilities, you should want to purchase toys. When there are plenty of toys in the market, it might be difficult to make the right choice. If you go through the advice offered by experts, you will be able to make the right choice and you can certainly make the most of cat toys. Cat toys are available in various sizes, shapes, colors and designs. You can purchase toys based on the activity level and the likes of the cat.

1. Based on chewing habits

If your cat chews a lot, the toy that you purchase should not be stuffed with items that will fill the mouth the stomach. There should be buttons and sticky items as well.

2. Catnip tips

Based on the genetics, the cat reaction to catnips will be different. While some cats will behave in a drunken state, other cats will have easy nap. This is quite normal and you can let them behave as per their likes.

3. Hide and seek

If your cat loves to hide and would pounce, you should want to purchase toys which can be hanged on a rope. You will be able to pull such toys or lift them so that the cat will have fun.

4. Interactive toys

By going for interactive toys, you will motivate the cat to be in an alerted state. You are required to spend some time with the cat so that the cat will catch the toy that is tied to the pole. Your job is to encourage the cat to attempt again and again.

5. Study your cat

You should read the habits of the cat. The likes and dislikes should be assessed so that the toy that you will purchase will be most useful for the cat. It is not the price that is mentioned on top of the toy but the usefulness of the toy that you should look into.

6. Electronic toys

If you arrange electronic toys for your cat, you will be able to engage the cat without your knowledge. If you purchase a mouse that runs on electricity and timer facility, you can leave it in activated condition before leaving for office. The cat will try to grab the mouse when it moves towards the house. This will make your cat active as well.

7. Solar powered toys

You can go for solar powered toys which can be hanged near the windows so that they will switch on and off automatically.

8. Traditional toys

There are plenty of choices when it comes to traditional balls and mice. You can train your cat as well by using such toys.

9. Safety parameters

The toys that you purchase for your cat should meet all safety parameters. It should not lead to choking hazards.

10. Crazy circle

It is prepared with plastic ring and there will be a ball inside the toy. The paw holes are conveniently placed around the ring for the cat.

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