10 Tips How to Choose the Right Toy for Your Dog


10 tips how to choose the right toy for your dog

Toys are very important means to let the dog play and get entertained. It will also have exercise so that the mental abilities are well improved. There are plenty of toys for dogs so that you can select the most appropriate toy based on the breed, size and likes of the dog. The following tips will help in the selection process. The toys that you select should extend fun and exciting so that the dog will grow in a healthy way.

1. Based on the activity level

The toy selection should be based on the activity level of your dog. If the dog is too lazy, you should go for a toy so that maximum activity can be triggered.

2. It should not be too small

If the toys are too small, they might be swallowed by the dog. It will lead to stomach issues. If the size of the toy is less than the tube opening of the toilet paper, you should not go for such toys.

3. Safety aspects

The toy should not have protruding edges. All safety parameters should be considered before purchasing.

4. No detachments

The parts of the toy cannot be detached easily. Ribbons, plastic parts and greasy items will stick to the dog at various parts and it will lead to lots of complications.

5. Should be attractive

The toy that you select for your dog should be attractive. It should be different from the items that are present in your home. The dog should be willing to play with the toy for many days without getting bored.

6. Dog chews and bones

Dog chews and bones are very popular as dog loves to chew. The dog chews that you will purchase for your dog should be long lasting. It is suggested by the veterinarians as well so that no bad breath or plaque will develop in dogs. As there are various risks such as choking and breakage of teeth, supervision is required while the dog plays with toys. You should go for durable chew toys which include Nylabone, Gumabone and Kong. Most of the dogs are fond of bones that come with dinosaur shapes.

7. Balls and disks

Balls are disks are nice options so that you can engage your dog all the time. These are better means to train up the dog as well. The disks should be prepared with softer materials so that they will not cut their mouth. Disks that are used to copy data cannot be allowed.

8. Squeezable rubber toys

There are many dogs which love items that can be squeezed. You can go for squeezable latex toy which will make noise as well.

9. Stuffed toys

You can give stuffed toys so that there will be squeaker inside the toy. If your dog is impatient with the noise produced by the toy, you should go for noiseless toys.

10. Attractive colors and designs

The toys that you purchase should be attractive. You should keep a stock of various items and should change them quite frequently so that the dogs are not bored.


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