7 Food Your Cat Should Never Eat


7 food your cat should never eat tips 

If you are managing cat as your pet, enough care should be taken so that it will be your happy companion. In addition to the provision of food and taking care of regular maintenance activities, you should also know things that you should not let happen to your cat. There are certain food items which cannot be taken by your cat. If you are well aware of such items, you will be able to make the most from your life. The cat will have safe living conditions and it will serve the intended purpose without any difficulty.

Caring for your cat

Your feline should not go through unfavorable experience. If you are well informed about various food items that will not help your cat, you will be able to make the most from your time. As a wise cat owner, you will let it have good food that it can eat and you will avoid food that it cannot eat. The nutritional needs of cats are different from the needs of human-beings.

You should prohibit some items from cat’s dining table which include onion, kelp, garlic, grapes and raisins. They cannot withstand sugary items and caffeinated foods even in small quantities.

1. Lactose tolerant

If you have a lactose intolerant cat, it is difficult to feed on milk and milk bi-products. You cannot give cheese as well. If you give milk for lactose intolerant cats, they will suffer from stomach pain as they cannot digest the same. There might be severe digestive issues if cats go for snacks after going through the snacks. Hence, proper care should be taken from the beginning itself.

2. Raw fish

When you feed your cat on raw fish all the time, it will lead to vitamin B deficiency. Instead of going for raw fish which affects weight loss of the pet, you can go for cooked fish.

3. Onions

When you feed your cat on onions and garlic, it will lead to break down of blood cells. It was proven through various studies. Hence, all kinds of onions should be avoided. In the long run, it will lead to anemia and weight loss.

4. Caffeinated food items

Cats should not be fed with caffeinated products. Even if you give small amounts of coffee in various forms, it will lead to various kinds of health issues. They might suffer from respiratory issues, irregular heartbeat and restless behavior.

5. Alcohol

Even though your cat likes to savor foods and drinks that are prepared with alcohol, it should not be fed with such food as it will lead to damage of the liver. It can severely affect the brain as well. There will be fatal health hazard if the cat is fed with two spoonfuls of whiskey.

6. Tomatoes

Most of the cats can tolerate ripe tomatoes. Some cats cannot tolerate green tomatoes. Hence, enough care should be taken to avoid green tomatoes.

7. Mushrooms

Some cats are intoxicated after consuming mushrooms. If your cat is mushroom intolerant it should be avoided at all costs.

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