Are You Ready to Adopt a Rabbit?


Tips to adopt a rabbit for a pet

Rabbits are very popular and harmless pets next to dogs and cats. If you can manage sufficient time to train up your dog or cat, you can go for a rabbit as well with the same effort. As rabbits need supervised exercises, you should go for them if you can manage proportionate time. The teeth will grow over a period of time. If you leave them freely to move in your home, you should make the furniture and other accessories rabbit-friendly so that rabbits are not tempted to chew any useful items.

Special care

Rabbits deserve special care. They will be frightened very easily. As they are not comfortable to land into human hands, if you have little children, you should take special care. They should be trained well so that rabbits will be adjusted to your conditions. As rabbits cannot be confined to the limited spaces all through the day, you should let them go and should spend sufficient time with them so they will play and have enough exercise.

Health aspects

The medical needs of the rabbit should be fulfilled. In order to keep their teeth strong, rabbits should have enough objects to chew them. Proper shelter should be provided to them so that they will not be exposed to extreme temperatures or cold climatic conditions. Their living area should be free from dampness. Unlike dogs, rabbits cannot shed the hair automatically. Hence, regular brushing is required so that there will not be any blockage.

Rabbits should not be exposed to electrical wiring and outlets. The young rabbits will always look for items to chew. Hence, you might want to purchase enough kits to play as well. The hormonal imbalances can be overcome through spaying or neutering. This will prevent unplanned reproduction also.

Items to take care of your rabbit

It is required to procure items so that you will be able to take care of the rabbit in a proper way. There should be resting board, litterbox, feeder, water crock or bottle, toys and carrier to house and to engage the rabbit. Sufficient running space should be available both indoors and outdoors. As part of maintenance of the rabbit you should procure items to feed and to keep it in hygienic condition. Pellets should be supplied in limited quantities. Fresh water, vegetable salads, barley, oats, wood and petroleum laxatives should be procured so that you will be able to offer variety on daily basis.

Other aids to clean and keep the rabbit in hygienic condition include flea comb, brush, toenail clippers, dust-free litter, proper scooper, white vinegar, hand vacuum, chlorine bleach and newspapers. The life span of a rabbit is in between 7 and 10 years. Hence, you should procure all the items that are required during its life span. By assessing your qualifications in various terms including finance, time and effort, you can go ahead to bring a new rabbit. If you go through the advices of experts, better care and safety can be provided to your rabbit.

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