Bathing your Kitten… It’s not as easy as it seems!


Tips on how to bathe your kitten

In comparison to most other pets, cats are easier to care for and maintain. With their tongue and teeth, felines effectively tackle dirt and dust caught in their fur. However, there are several occasions when you may have to give your kitty a bath. It could be a flea infestation, some sticky stuff she collected outdoors or simply because you feel she is dirty and needs a nice bath.

But before you start, a note of caution- Do so at your own risk! Because it’s not as easy as it seems. No sooner do you drag her to the wash basin than she’ll give you a taste of her belligerent behavior. She will try to scratch and snap in order to escape.

Cats have an aversion to water and so are not very keen on having a bath. However, if you’re adamant to do it, we have a few tips to make it less daunting.


You will need:

A rubber mat, a wash basin, eye lubricant (optional), mild shampoo (formulated for cats) and a stack of clean towels. We do not recommend using shampoos meant for dogs as they contain chemicals that can make your cat sick. It would be great if you can manage an assistant.


A Tip

Setup the entire place before you get the cat in. Place the rubber mat on the floor of the basin you will use to bathe your cat. The rubber mat will allow it to stay put and prevent it from slipping. Half-fill the basin with water. The water should be lukewarm not hot. Choose to bathe your cat when she is in a jolly mood.


Its time to begin

  1. Call your kitty. When she comes, play with her, brush her hair and give her a small treat. Clip her nails to avoid nasty scratches should there be any. She will feel happy and hopefully not guess what’s coming.
  2. If you have someone to help you ask them to slowly dip the cat into the basin. While she holds the cat, you can lightly wet the cat’s coat.
  3. Take a blob of Pet shampoo and gently massage it into the fur till it lathers well. Ensure that the shampoo does not enter your cat’s eyes, nose, ears or mouth.
  4. Use another cup of fresh, clean water to rinse the shampoo. Rinse well to get rid of all traces of shampoo because soon after you lay her down she will start licking herself.
  5. After you’re done wrap the cat in a warm towel and dry it properly. Ensure that the cat’s coast is completely dry before you let it outdoors. If she has no issues with the sound, you can dry her fur with a hair dryer set to the lowest heat.
  6. At the end of everything you can reward your kitten with a treat so he or she associates bathing as good and won’t be a troublesome the next time.


Getting Help

It is not always possible to have an assistant or a second person to help you. In this case, you can purchase a harness one like the professionals use. It will prevent the cat from moving while you work. But, when you buy it make sure your cat is comfortable.


How often can you bathe your kitten?

You should give your cat a bath only if necessary. Frequent bathing strips their skin of natural oils and makes it dry, dull and brittle.


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