Doggles for your Dogs… A Blend of Fashion and Functionality


Tips on choosing doggles for your dog

A few decades ago, the only accessories a pet owner could gift his or her pooch were a fancy dog collar, a dog tag or a leash. Why? Simply because there were no other options to choose from. Today, the pet industry has matured greatly. Manufacturers have invented various accessories for pets and in doing so have given equal importance to both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Among the various accessories for dogs available on the market, doggles and booties have the most takers. And between the two, doggles emerges a winner. Pet owners prefer to buy doggles to safeguard their dogs eye’s from external elements that can cause damage.

If you’re looking for help in choosing the best pair of doggles for your pet, you’ve come to the right place. Our article discusses the need for using doggles and also aims at introducing readers to the plethora of styles available.


Why does Fido need doggles?

  1. Protection against sunlight is the primary reason why dogs must wear doggles. The lenses offer UV protection thus blocking sunlight and preventing sun damage to your canine’s eyes.
  2. Doggles shield the eyes against debris such as sand, small rocks or other particulate matter present in the air when hunting or hiking.
  3. Wearing doggles also keeps the water out of your dogs incase you plan to take Fido along on your next boating trip.
  4. Doggles prevent bacteria from entering and establishing themselves in your canine eyes. Thus, they keep eye infections such as conjunctivitis at bay.
  5. Doggles can also be worn as a protective measure against desiccating wind which can possibly damages the cornea.
  6. Sunglasses for dogs are also used as an eye protection measure post surgery or post injury.


Fashionable designs for Fido

  1. The Classic: This is a traditional design and looks similar to the goggles we wear when we go swimming and sea diving. They have a bulky design. They fit tight and snug an offer optimum protection.
  2. Thin rimmed: Selected doggles are created with a rugged sleek frame that up the style quotient of your dogs.
  3. Frameless: Going one step further is the frameless style that makes your canine companion look super stylish and cool.
  4. Colored Frames and Lenses: Doggles are also available in colored lenses and frames- rosy hues and deep blues.


Pointers to keep in mind when using Doggles

  1. Doggles are goggles for dogs.
  2. Doggles are made of durable materials and shatter resistant lenses. They are tailored for the rugged life your dog loves.
  3. The adjustable elastic straps hold the goggles in place and ensure they fit comfortably.
  4. The foam cushioned frames render doggles lightweight and comfortable.
  5. It is advised not to put on doggles indoors. The darkened glasses cause confusion. Your dog may also get agitated and frustrated.
  6. Not all dogs respond to doggles positively. Some may be adamant to get it off. If this happens don’t force it. You can try at another time.
  7. Make sure you get a right size to avoid discomfort.
  8. Praise your pooch, pet it and offer treats while you fit the doggles. He will associate wearing doggles with something good.


So, next time your pooch goes sight seeing with the family and chooses to occupy the seat by the window, make sure he is wearing a pair of fashionable doggles.


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