How Long do Dogs Live? Knowing Your Pet’s Life


 How long do dog live - knowing your pet's life

You should know how long your pets will live so that your investment will be worthwhile and you will not be disappointed. Even though the pleasure and companionship that you will enjoy with passionate pets cannot be compared or equated in commercial terms, there should be a gauge to check the suitability of the pet for your needs. The activity of the dog will slow down as they age. If you are well aware of their age and expected behavior from them, you will take appropriate care for them.

Changes as per age

The changes that will happen in a dog are varied. The color of the hair will change, eyes will become dim and tone and texture of the skin will change when the dog grows old. The resistance to various kinds of diseases will decrease. It will be difficult to train and difficult to adapt in old age. The memorizing capabilities will decrease and the dogs will look for help from owners in a desperate situation.

How to find your dog’s age?

One dog year can be equated with 7 man years. This is a rough thumb rule. When a dog reaches 10 years, it will behave like a 65 year old man. A 12 year old dog will behave like a 75 year old man. There will be changes in hormones in between 8 months and 2 years. Even though you live with the dog for many years, it is difficult to witness changes in their bodies.

If you want to confirm the same, it is required to bring the dog to the vet’s observation. If the dog reaches to senior stage, it should go for checkups once in two years. The dog’s medical history should be tracked and appropriate care should be taken.

Screening of your dog

The dog screening should take place based on the weight of the dog and its age. Geriatric screening will take place if the dog’s age is in between 4 and 6 with 80 pounds of weight. If the weight is in between 51 and 80 pounds, the screening should take place between 6 and 8 years. If the weight is in between 16 and 50 pounds, the screening should take place in between 7 and 9 years. If the weight is less than 15 pounds, screening should take place in between 9 and 11 years.

How to enhance your dog’s life?

The dog’s life can be enhanced by taking certain precautionary measures. It should go through regular grooming. The dog will live for many years if you play with your dog so that it will have enough physical and mental exercises. By spaying and neutering your dog, you can preventive life threatening diseases and the health of the dog can be enhanced. Nutritional diet should be provided and proper training should be imparted. By giving delicious and wholesome food and making proper sleeping arrangements, your dog will have great health. The dog should not be punished cruelly.

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