How to Protect Your Pets From Very Hot Weather?


 Tips how to protect your pets from very hot weather

Pets should be protected from hot weather so that they will not go through serious health issues. By taking preventive and precautionary measures, you can avoid various health hazards. If you go through the tips offered by experts and vets, you will be able to safeguard the health of your pet and it will not cost you much.


The pet should not be left in a parked car. It is very dangerous to leave the pet inside the parked car during summer. If you have exercising sessions either in the morning or evening, the pet will not be exposed to additional heat. The pet should have appropriate shelter so that it will have safe living conditions at all times. The dog will be able to live in spite of extreme climatic conditions. If your dog is old, it will be affected by hot weather very easily.

By providing fresh and cool water dips, the temperature of the pet can be reduced. However, it should not be left in the water for a longer period as it might try to get rid of the hair. If the hair is loss, its ability to bear heat will reduce. If pets are well groomed, they will escape from sun burns. If you can provide a pet coat, it will give great protection.

How to offer better facilities?

If your pet is exposed to prolong heat, the vital organs of the body will be damaged. Various organs including liver and brain will be affected in this manner. The pets should have plenty of fluids so that harmful effects of the heat can be nullified. The perspiration will increase. Pets should have specialized beds and there should be facility to have frequent dips as well.

Flat faced dogs bear highest brunt of the heat in summer. Pugs, French Bulldogs and Pekingese come under this category. Dogs will cool themselves through panting. As flat faced dogs do have narrow nostrils, the panting is not efficient. Hence, such dogs need air-conditioning and it is not a luxury for them. These dogs should be kept indoors when there are high outdoor temperatures.

How to treat pets that go through sun stroke?

If your pet goes through heat stroke, there will be certain symptoms which include heavy panting, thick saliva, reduced activity, rapid heartbeat, stupor, collapse and coma. The pet needs immediate medical attention. While moving to the hospital, the air-conditioner should be turned on and it should be run at full speed. Cool water or ice can be placed on hairless locations and dog’s paws.

If the dog’s skin is in light color, they are affected by sunburn very easily. There are special sunscreens which are designed for pets. Sunscreens that are used for human-beings should not be used for pets as they will have chemicals. Walking on pavements should be avoided and it is very difficult for small dogs to bear the excess heat. By taking proper precautions, it is possible to prevent major health risks to your pet.

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