Traveling with your Pet Dog… Are His/Her Bags Packed for the Journey?


Tips for pet owner when traveling with your dog 

The thought of having to leave your dog home alone while you rewind, relax and enjoy on a vacation can be a heart wrenching decision if you are a pet owner. As much as we know how you long to take your pet dog along, we cannot deny that traveling with pets is a challenging task. But, you needn’t worry because you still have a chance provided you’re ready to carry a few additional items for your pet.


 So here’s what needs to go in your doggies suitcase.


1. Medical Documents

Justin Bieber’s little pet monkey Mally was detained for this same reason. He did not have the right documents which included vaccinations and import papers. You don’t want the same to happen to you pet, right? So, before you travel make sure you collect these documents from your vet. It is a certification stating that your pet is in good health and his vaccinations are up-to-date. These documents may not be an issue if you are traveling interstate, but may create serious problem if you travel abroad.


2. Seat Covers

Remember the dog is excited about the trip too and has no way to express it except leap on your precious car seats. There are possibilities of tears and scratches or pools of hair and dander on the upholstery. Cleaning up the mess is a tedious task. So, go by the saying prevention is better than cure. Equip yourself with water resistant, eco-friendly and scratch- durable fabrics.


3. ID Tags

Ensure you slip an Identity Tag around your dog’s neck before you set out. This is a precautionary measure in case your dog gets lost during the trip. The ID tag on the dog’s collar should have his or her name and owners’ contact information (local and out-of-town contact information) maybe a cell phone number and local residential address.


4. Travel Water Dispenser

Drinking water is as important to a dog as to a human. But, how do you expect to provide fresh water on a road trip? The answer is a travel water dispenser. Pet travel Water dispensers are made specifically for travel purposes and to handle the spills and to stay from tipping over on a bumpy ride. You can also think about collapsible travel bowls.


5. Pet Food

Don’t make the mistake of traveling without pet food unless you are absolutely sure that the brand of food your pet eats is available at the destination you are traveling to.


6. Portable Litter Boxes

Portable litter boxes are very advantageous when on a trip, if you are staying at a hotel or at someone else’s home. Stopping the vehicle to relieve your dog is an option, but may not be convenient at all times. You can use a foldable litter box the contents of which can be emptied once your dog does his job.


7. First aid Kit

Sickness and injury come untold. You cannot leave home with a pet and without a first-aid kit. There are premade pet first aid kits available at stores. You can make one yourself with gauze rolls, gauze pads, bandages, instant cold pack, cotton swabs, hydrogen peroxide, a pair of scissors, gloves, tweezers, thermometers and antibiotic ointment.


8. Pet Toys

It will take some time for your pet to get acclimated to the new environment. Till then he may unhappy about the place change. To make it more comfortable for him and adjustment easier bring along a pillow or chew toy to keep him engaged.


9. Carrier

Buy a carrier that comfortably accommodates your dog and meets the requirements of air travel. Label it with your name, your contact details including your cell phone number, your residential address and the address of the destination you are traveling too.


10. Sunscreen

Dogs suffer sunburns too- around the nose, ears and other areas. So, pack some sunscreen for your dog too.


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