Why are Kittens Hyperactive?


The reasons why your kitten are so hyperactive

The other day I observed my kittens in awe. It was a couple of days after their mother (my first pet) had brought them out from their hideout (under the cupboard). There were three of them- one black, one a mix of black, brown and white and the last an orange one. They played together gleefully frolicking on the carpet.

The black colored kitten was busy trying to get hold of its mother’s tail as it flipped from side to side. The second was busy with a game of hop, skip and jump, a faster version I must say while their orange sibling had befriended the ant dodging it with its paws. Suddenly, it caught my attention that one of them was missing. No sooner did I start looking for the lost kitty than she came darting out from under the couch in the opposite direction.

Cute as they were, they were adamant to explore the world with their paws. As I picked up one, she let out this angry cry and tried to get hold of my hand. And even before I had put her down I was already coaxing her sibling to stop scaling the curtain. It was a mess. Their hyperactivity had caused a handful of trouble that day. That set me thinking- what makes these kittens so hyperactive? These are some of the reasons I got it.


1. Kittens are like kids

Kittens closely resemble toddlers. They are full of energy and life. Like children, kittens learn through play. And play helps them vent all the pent up energy.

2. They say its curiosity

The little ones are new to the world. Whatever they do, they’re satisfying their curiosity. They’ll go around the house to inspect the safe and not so safe places. They’ll test activities that they can do and those that they should abstain from.

3. The innate predatory instinct

Experts suggest that hyperactivity is inherent in cats and tied to their predatory instinct. Cats that live in the wild climb trees, chase and hunt for their prey. Only because a cat is domesticated, it does not mean that it will give up its predatory attitude.


How to calm a hyperactive kitten?

Being energetic and active is a healthy sign. However, activity beyond limits could be dangerous. The damage to household items is one aspect of the problem. But more importantly her hyperactivity may expose her to grave danger particularly in your absence. Hence it is necessary to tame a hyperactive kitten. You can do so in the following ways:

  1. Get your kittens plenty of toys. Moving toys are the best because they grab their attention immediately. Toys will also distract their attention from furniture and other household items.
  2. Play with your kitten. Tie a piece of paper or a feather to a stick and wave it before the kitten. It will try to get hold of it. The best time to play with your kitten is to play with her before you go to bed. It will exhaust her energy. She will sleep and allow you to sleep peacefully at night.
  3. Provide scratching posts for your kitten to scratch.
  4. If your cat is going a place it shouldn’t or doing something it mustn’t, say a firm NO, clap your hands, whistle or spray it with cold water. The kitten will realize it is something bad and won’t do it again.
  5. Reward your kitten with treats or a pat on the back with a “Good Kitty” when it does something as instructed or does not repeat a mistake.
  6. You should never yell, spank or punish a wayward kitten. They learn by experience.

Parenting a kitten requires patience. Kittens take time to sober down and some mellow out only after 2. As your cat grows, it will learn better and then it won’t be so much of trouble around the house. Till then watch and enjoy your cat grow.



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