Why Dog and Cat are Enemies?


Why dog and cat are enemies - tips for pet owners

Most of the people believe that dogs and cats are natural enemies. Even though there will be friction in the beginning, it will vanish when you train them up in a proper way. Initial interactions should be done in a careful manner so that there will be absolute peace between dog and cat and they can live within the same roof. Let us look into the factors that will lead to confrontation and how to change the same.

The reason for confrontation

As a matter of fact, predators will chase others which are smaller than their sizes. For this reason, it is quite common that dogs will chase cats. Cats will chase mice. Cats will not chase canines as they are big in size. Even though the dog will chase the cat, it will not kill the cat.

Sometimes, the confrontation will arise to protect their territories. The pet that occupies your home first will feel that it is his territory. When a new pet arrives your home, it will treat the new one as usurper. If you can manage these factors, it is possible to train up both dog and cat and they will be able to live under the same roof.

Measures to establish friendships

The introduction part of dog and cat to each other should be done in a careful way. It should be commenced in various stages. It is not worthwhile to leave the new dog and new cat in the same room without proper introduction and training.

Before introducing each other, the dog as well as a cat should be in a harmonious state. If not, it will lead to strong confrontation. You should leave them together and should monitor both. The dog as well as a cat should understand that you are the in-charge of both of them. This factor will make them to maintain the peace.

Step by step introduction

By introducing your dog and cat in a systematic step by step phase, it is possible to make them stay in the same room after some days. If you had a dog with and would like to bring a cat, you should confine the new cat to a safe place. The dog should be left free so that it will explore the house. When the dog finds the smell of the cat and behaves in a normal way, you can give treats for both of them. This will show your appreciation.

If you wish to go for a face to face introduction, you should set a barrier between the cat and the dog. It is advised to take the help of a family member or friend so that one of the pets will be taken care of by him. Considerable distance should be maintained. If dog and cat are at peace, you can give them a treat. The distance can be reduced for the next session. Gradually, you can leave them for closer distances and after few days dog and cat will be able to live without any friction.


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